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Trademark Law

We help protect your brand whether you have just started your company

or you have been in business for decades. 


  • Conduct state and federal trademark searches to determine availability of potential trademark

  • Evaluate proposed mark for likelihood of approval by state and federal authorities

  • Propose changes to initial mark as needed to increase likelihood of approval

  • Advise client throughout the trademark approval process 

  • Work proactively and responsively with government attorneys reviewing the trademark application

  • Appeal denials of trademark applications to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

  • Renew trademarks and file applications for incontestability


  • Send cease and desist letters to companies infringing our clients' trademarks

  • Institute legal action against trademark infringers in Federal Court and at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

  • Institute cancellation proceedings against infringing marks

  • Appeal competing trademark claims published in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Gazette 


  • Advise on trademark purchases or sales as a part of corporate mergers, acquisitions, or standalone trademark sales. 

  • Draft and negotiate trademark licensing agreements

  • Draft and negotiate trademark assignments 

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